I've been writing songs my whole life. Much more of a lyricist than a performer, I guess. The thing about them is, often they fit into concept albums. The other thing about them is I keep recording new versions of them. They never sound good enough to me, and I know that if I leave them and come back to them a year or two later, I will inevitably do a better job the next time I record a version of them. So my albums seem to be works in progress at all times and forever and anon.
Also, gone are the days of selling albums on CD, and people listening to all the tracks, in an order you have chosen. This would have been essential, for instance, in listening to Pink Floyd's albums. But those days are dead, along with having a Side B or a double cassette album. And my albums were written to be listened to with the tracks in a specific order. Oh well. Here are my songs:


Part I: The Songs of Peter Grey

Daddy's Crying
Turning Black
"Friday Night Options" video
Digging For Pride

How Much?
The Romantic Song
In the Hole
Part II: Peter Grey Grows Up

A Bigger Frame
Hello Down There
Eugene's Poem
Killer Qualms From Inner Space
Leathery Wings
Maybe Someday
Who Are You Anyway?
Promises (God's Country)
Proud Someday
A Chance to Backslide
How Long?

Vultures in the Sky
The Walking Dead
The Magic Castle
What You Want
Red Sweater
Voice of Death
Get 'Em Out
Please Come With Us
Why Not?
Friday Night
Beware the Cripple
The Talking Dead
Vultures in the Belfry

Tales From the Prodigal's Elder Brother
(Sermons with Sound Effects and Music:)