This song is a satirical appeal to Christians to ensure they are not worshipping themselves, their church, or their own worship process.

Some on-site reminiscences about what happened during two different Ottawa-
Nepean divisions that occurred in my lifetime.

I made this back in 2001, disgusted that my church was going to have another acrimonious division over the 'power guys'/draconian overlords not letting anyone question them in any way. These divisions were about silencing any and all dissenting voices, so we could have "unity." I knew this one was going to mess people up, because they always do, but they were willing to force it on everyone, not sparing the flock. My point wasn't that it was evil. Everyone knew that. My point was that it was stupid. Silly. Needless. Childish. Dumb.

Some people think this is my best song, so I thought I'd make some kind of video to go with it. I had to do it all by myself, with no camera person.

I made this the week before Christians on the Internet rallied around Chik Fil 'A over some gay thing. It was handy that I'd made it, I guess, because then all week long, whenever someone tried to force me to "take a clear stand against" gay stuff, I could simply link them to this video.
I will never know why Christians think the best use of their time is to "take a stand" against gay rights. The bible just might say somethings against gay sex. It says nothing about gay marriage. So, if a Christian feels that the bible has told them to do something about gay sex, I think they should try to ban "YMCA" by The Village People.

"Bible studies," in my experience always seem to go more or less like this, whether on the Internet or in person.

This is my most popular comedy song. It's about how hilarious it is to have failed to marry anyone.
I decided to make a "trailer" for my book. To encourage people to buy it, and help them "get" it, I guess.
This was a bit of a first for me. Wrote the song (about not knowing what God thinks of our wildly differing approaches to often fairly self-focused worship) in the morning, recorded it at noon, went out for the afternoon and came home in the evening and made the video. Was feeling incredibly uninspired, so the "deal" I made with myself was that the video had to be shot entirely on iPhone, and had to be entirely done with one light source, and with only things in my living room. Before bed time.
The point in time when my church really went too far in terms of asking us to sacrifice all joy, and believe everything we were told, yet delivering absolutely nothing much in return (no support, no warmth, acceptance, forgiveness, love or compassion) was when my Dad got smacked down for thinking God wanted him to be so legalistic. This is about that.
Being an older teenager for me was about not wanting to go out to chirpy church stuff, nor sleazy party stuff with friends from school.
Sometimes you have to go out and face the darkness alone and say "no."